I love reading blogs. When I have time I can read many articles about many topics in many blogs as a leisure activity. Makeup tutorial, movie review, travel planning…any information I want to know I can find lots of amateurs or even professionals discussing about them in a comprehensive yet fun way for free for us to read and learn.

For example, I am going to have a event that I need to do makeup by myself. Realizing that I don’t have either tools nor skills make me anxious. I started searching for some basic knowledge online. In my opinion, makeup is a field that is very easy to go out of fashion in a short period therefore we tend not to learn it from books. After watch some Youtubers’ videos, I surprisingly found that many times an article works better than a video, or an article with photos plus a video could make a perfect teaching material.

Makeup blogs are just one kind of blog, but I think the criteria that make a quality blog is all the same for me: well organized (efferent) and sincere (aesthetic). When writing an article publicly, whether a long one or a short “Twitter” one, you must have a clear topic and purpose in mind throughout the writing process, then it’s possible that you organize it and make it readable. In addition, the content must be true and honest. As the Wikipedia pointed out, consumer-generated advertising and sponsored posts are now everywhere. For me you definitely can get pay on what you write, but only if you don’t pretend that you doesn’t.

Back to my makeup example, there is a famous Taiwanese blogger called Gisele (Sorry it’s in Chinese), I think she is one of the best makeup blog I found so far. First the structure of her blog is very good that you could always find topics you need by following the index. Second the balance of words, photos and videos is good, she makes the advantages of all three forms work well. Third the tone she chooses is friendly yet professional. It doesn’t have to be serious and distant even you want to teach some difficult ideas in your articles such as the ingredients of a foundation. However I also don’t like bloggers who “act (write) like your best friend” since them just aren’t.

After reading some professional articles about reading and writing, I think running a blog might be a good way of teaching them. Find a theme that you interest in, list out some topics of it, combine your background knowledge and information you found online (remember to site them), write them down and prepare them to be read the way you like reading other blogs, and finally interact with your reader, get feedbacks and write more!

I already have had a blog since long time ago but before I just use the albums in it until last year I decided to write down my memory of my wedding then I post my first article. I decide to use this one in this course too to “keep my stuff together”. Some of the layout might be in Chinese, I hope it won’t affect your reading.
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