I long to see my first love story. It was in my 8th grade when I fell in love with the most good-looking boy in the class. When I say "see" I I really mean it. I want to go back to the past and watch the whole scenes like a theatre audience. I want to stand in the school hallway right beside him and the younger me and listen to him saying "I like you"; I want to walk with me and him when we had our first date in a bookstore, maybe try to pick a lovely bookmark with secret messages on it, and slip it into the boring gift I bought him; I want to be at my house, watch him kiss me the very first time, and whisper to myself "kiss him back you fool!" ; I want to be on the street that night, witness the stupid me saying sorry to him again and again because she kissed another boy. And maybe slap the younger me on the face, then cry with both of them. I think I long not just to see my first love story. I long to stop it. To change it. To start all over again and laugh in the end. But none of these I can do. I can't even "just" see. I long to see...

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