Worry wears layered clothing, so that 

if she accidentally flies to 

Greenland or Indonesia,

she is still warm, chill and fashionable.


Worry smells like Big Mac burger.

Seducing people with her luxurious

cheap. We all know she’s overdose, but

we convince ourselves she’s nutritious.


Worry murmurs all the time. She loves

making her murmurs into songs, and

dancing with them, like a thousand people 

are watching. Then she smiles and bows. 


Worry eats bacons in the morning.

But she can’t help herself not to stare at 

the label while chewing the crispy cure:

lactic acid starter culture not from milk.


Worry is a lottery retailer.

Her big satisfaction is when seeing

customers’ smiles, and imagining them

transforming into disappointment.


Worry secretly dreams about sacrifice.

She thinks If she disappears, people would 

stop wasting their lives on bad things

that are not and will never really exist.


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